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What can I do about my noisy neighbors?2020-06-02T09:56:59+00:00

Citizens have a right to live in spaces that are not violated by loud noise created by neighbors, businesses or religious entities in the community. These disturbances shall not be condoned by the LNP and citizens are advised to report such disturbance if not acceptable. These types of complaints are best handled by the local police depot because the loud noise is intermittent, occasional or spontaneous. However, if the local depot fails to act accordingly and noise is persistent, the disturbance should be reported to LNP headquarters.  Call:  0770800_____.

Is it right to Bribe a police officer?2020-06-02T11:01:55+00:00

Bribery is corruption and corruption is illegal. It is wrong to bribe the police to carry out its duties. Most police services should be free except the public is informed about a fee. The person giving the police officer a bribe is just as wrong as the police officer. Both the giver and receiver are committing a crime.

What is battery?2020-05-16T19:46:12+00:00

An act by which a person intentionally or recklessly applies force to the complainant. This is what most people think of as an assault and although it is commonly used to describe battery, even by the police it is not correct. The physical contact between attacker and victim is battery.

If you feel you have been a victim of this you need to report it to your local police.

What is the role of the Emergency Response Unit2020-05-16T19:50:07+00:00

The ERU like the PSU is one of the LNP units that carries weapons.

What is the role of the Police Support Unit (PSU)2020-05-16T19:51:52+00:00

The PSU like the ERU is one of the LNP units that carries weapons.

Can I contest a traffic ticket?2020-06-02T09:51:09+00:00

Yes, you can definitely contest a ticket given you by a police officer.  You can contest the ticket in the Traffic Court.

The Traffic Court has original jurisdiction to try without jury any and all violations of vehicle and traffic laws constituting an infraction. The Court’s jurisdiction is governed by the procedure in criminal proceeding in magisterial courts.

Appeal from the decisions of the Traffic Court is governed by the procedure for appeal from the decisions of Magisterial Courts. Appeal therein lies squarely before the Circuit Court in the county where it is constituted and exercises its jurisdiction.

Someone has broken into my house and taken some property, is that burglary?2020-06-02T10:29:12+00:00

Yes it is. Burglary is where a person enters a building or part of a building without permission and proceeds to steal property from within. For many people this means that someone has entered your house without permission and stolen property from inside your house. Many people use the phrase “my house has been robbed”; it has not been robbed but burgled. The whole body does not have to enter the house. If someone puts their arm through the letterbox and steal keys, for example, this is classed as a burglary. Examples of burglary:

A. Smashes patio door and opens it and goes into living room and steals a TV and DVD player and leaves the house.
B. Puts his hand through an open window and steals a purse that has been left on a kitchen unit.
If you have suffered from a burglary, please contact the police straight away and try not to touch anything that you think the offender may have touched.

Can you tell me about a citizens arrest?2020-06-02T10:47:23+00:00

This area of law is very complex and the following is only basic guidance. The law states that,

Any person can arrest a person who is in the act of committing an indictable offence or
Anyone whom he reasonably suspects to be committing such an offence, if
it is not reasonably practicable for a constable to make the arrest instead and
it is necessary to arrest the person for one of the below reasons,

To prevent the person in question,
causing physical injury to himself or any other person;
suffering physical injury;
causing loss of or damage to property; or
making off before a constable can assume responsibility for him.

There a few points to raise about the above paragraph.
1. What is an indictable offence?
An indictable offence is an offence that can be tried at Crown Court. Below are examples of indictable offences which are the most likely to be encountered by members of the public,
-criminal damage.

2. How do I know if I can make a citizens arrest?
You can make an arrest if the suspect is actually committing the offence or if you reasonably suspect them of committing it, or when the offence has been committed and you reasonably suspect them of having committed it. There is no specific wording to use when making a citizens arrest. However you must inform the person you are arresting as soon as possible what you are doing, why you are doing it and what offence you believe the person has committed. There are other considerations to make when making an arrest,
reasonable force – see question in related information for details on reasonable force.
potential for civil litigation – the courts are sympathetic to public spirited citizens and the exercise of their powers and rights, however, if you get it wrong you could be sued for unlawful arrest and/or false imprisonment.
do not make a citizens arrest if you feel that you would be putting yourself or any other person in danger, ring 999.

I have applied for a new job and need a police clearance. How do I get the clearance and how long will it take?2020-05-16T19:58:45+00:00

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How long can the police keep a citizen in jail after arrest?2020-06-02T10:54:08+00:00

A citizen once arrested should not be kept in prison for more than 48 hours.

How long can the Police keep me in detention2020-05-16T20:00:33+00:00

The constitution requires warrants to make arrests and provides that detainees
either be charged or released within 48 hours.

What are the hours of operation for LNP jails?2020-05-16T20:01:19+00:00

The Liberia National Police jails operate 24 hours a day as anyone that commits a crime can be arrested at anytime and jailed within conformity with the law.

Is there a telephone number I can call to find out if someone is in jail?2020-05-16T21:21:29+00:00

The public can call __________, 24 hours a day to find out if a person is in custody. Callers can obtain information on anyone who is in custody at jails operated by the Liberia National Police.