It is the responsibility of every member of the Liberia National Police to participate in Community policing programs to ensure its success. With no compromise for crime and with the relentless prosecution of criminals, officers will have to partner with the community to constantly strive to achieve a safe environment. Officers will also enforce the law courteously toward the community as a symbol of public faith and trust.

Community Policing aims to establish an active partnership between the police and the public. This partnership can then be used to with crimes and community safety issues and allow the parties to jointly determined solutions and designs and have them implemented.

Community Policing is defined as a philosophy of or an approach to policing which recognizes the interdependence and shared the responsibility of the police and the community in ensuring a safe and secure environment for all the people of the country.

Objectives of the LNP Community Policing program is about adopting a problem solving multi-sector approach which pays more emphasis on addressing the root causes of crime as opposed to traditional law enforcement strategies which tend to address symptoms rather than root causes of the problems.