A four-day dialogue between the Liberia National Police and Youth Wings of various political parties has intensified in Monrovia and Margibi County with many Liberians embracing the initiative by the Liberia National Police and collaborating parties. The dialogue which commenced on last Thursday at the Headquarters of the Liberia National police seeks to promote peace among Liberians, and political parties as the country eagerly await the outcome of the ongoing legal process.

Speaking at the opening of the four days interactive forum, Justice Minister Fredrick Cheru expressed gratitude to the political parties’ youth wings under the banner ALL POLITICAL PARTIES YOUTH CONGRESS for the tolerance they have exhibited since the end of the first round of elections in the country, describing the gathering of the police and the political parties Youth Wings as a milestone in the history of Liberia.

The Liberian Justice Minister said youths of Liberia especially those in active politics have shown a high level of commitment to upholding the country’s peace, stressing that the commitment shown by the political parties youth wings should be encouraged by all Liberians despite their political affiliation or background.

Minister Cherue said the Liberian Government remains focused on sustaining the gains it has achieved over the last twelve years and admonished Liberians to do away with those vices that have the potential of sparking conflict in Liberia, while the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Gregory Coleman reiterated the LNP commitment in protecting the peace of the country.

IGP Coleman told the political parties’ youths that the LNP remains natural in the political process, and will continue to provide equal protection for all players within the Liberian political arena.

IGP Coleman encouraged the political parties’ youths to denounce any form of violence that will jeopardize the gains the country has made. At the same time, River Gee County Senator Commany Wesseh described the convergence of political parties and the police in one hall as a new day for Liberia. He said with such collaboration he was of the confidence that the peace of the country was secured and called on the Liberians youths to remain peaceful while awaiting the outcome of the ongoing legal process over the first round of elections.

The second day of the dialogue witnessed the pledging of commitment by students of the United Methodist University and AME University on Camp Johnson Road. Addressing students of both universities Police Deputy Inspector General for Operations Abraham Kromah admonished the students to remain engaged in more productive activities and denounce any form of violence that will impede their academic sojourn.

The Deputy LNP Chief informed the students of the crucial role they have to play in sustaining the peace of the country and encouraged them to see the joint venture by the police and the political Parties Youth wings as a significant step that leads to the protection of the country’s democracy.

The students of both Universities lauded the Liberia National Police and the political Parties’ Youth Wings for reaching out to them to promote peace in Liberia and promised not to engage in acts that will undermine the gains of the country.

Political Parties’ representatives attending the forum expressed their overwhelming support in upholding the peace of the country while appreciating the Liberia National Police for organizing the forum which they said will promote lasting peace in the country.

They pledged to uphold the country’s peace regardless of the current political situation prevailing in the country.

Meanwhile, the dialogue which extended to Margibi County witnessed the convergence of several Liberians who turned out to welcome the Liberia National Police and Youth Wings of various political parties. The citizens of Margibi County described the moved by the political parties and the Liberia National Police as the way forward for peace in the county.

Parties participating in the dialogue series included the CDC, LP, ALP UPP, LPP DJP, MDR, TWP, ANC, ALCOP, CLP others included UP, LTP MOVEE, VOLT, MPC, PUP and LINU

The four days dialogue is being held under the theme “PARTNERSHIP FOR A PEACEFUL 2017 ELECTIONS”

The program which got underway at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police brought together over seventeen registered political parties that recently participated in the just ended first round of elections in October 2017.