911 Use and Abuse

When to use 911 versus 7-digit telephone lines

The LNP is always ready to respond to your call when there is a crime or life or death emergency that requires the immediate response of the police or other services that we can call such fire or paramedic services.  Always call 911 when there is a problem or something that requires the Liberia National Police action.

When there is a situation that requires police response but is not an emergency, use a non-emergency LNP line and contact an officer an officer directly.  Consult the contact list on this website for more information.

How to call 911

All 911 calls are received by Operators at the Liberia National Police headquarters trained to accept and screen calls quickly and respond immediately.  You can call 0770800911 also in place of the 911 number.

1. Dial 911 (you do not have to pay any money for this call or have any money on your phone).
2. When you call the 911 line tell the operator what assistance you need from the police.
3. Be cool and calm. If you are upset just settle down and allow the caller to hear and get your points.  The operator needs to get all the vital information and determine a response.
4. Please stay on the phone and do not hang up until you get the required response from the operator.
5. Have your personal information and needed addresses of crimes or emergencies available just in case the operator ask for thGive your name and address. If your address is different from the location of the crime, be sure to let the operator know.
6. If possible, give the operator suspect description, weapons, if any, and vehicle description and license.

The LNP wants to serve and protect all Liberia and is constantly ob standby to assist.  The 911 number must be respected and used for the intended purpose and must not at any time be used to criminally miss inform the police.

It is a misdemeanor under the Liberian law for any person to willfully misinform the police and use the 911 system for any such purpose other than reporting a genuine emergency.   It is also a crime if someone gets injured or dies as a result of the police responding to a false call.