To Understand Plights of Detained Officers; LNP Legal Session Visits Monrovia Central Prison


LNP Legal-1 in African suit and delegation

By: Austin K. Sharpe

The Liberia National Police on Thursday September 13, 2018 paid a courtesy visit at the Monrovia Central Prison. The delegation was headed by Attorney/Deputy Commissioner of Police for Legal Affairs, Peter K. Gbanyah.

According to Atty. Gbanyah, the intent of the visit was the institution’s own way of identifying with officers who are undergoing trial and also understand the status of their cases and well beings.

Speaking on behalf of the officers, Salvanus Collins lauded the delegation for their timely visit. He said those officers who are undergoing court trial at the Monrovia Central Prison do not have the necessary funds to enable them hire private lawyers in order to represent their legal interests. He therefore called on the authority of the Liberia National Police to swiftly intervene in handling their cases.

Amongst the officers at the Monrovia Central Prison, those convicted include: Jamel K. Roberts, convicted for the crime of Manslaughter for five years, Sylvanus Collins, convicted for the crime of Armed Robbery for ten years and Roosevelt Deman convicted for the crime of of murder for twenty five years. Others facing pre-trial detention include:  Elijah M. Toe for the crime of Alleged Robbery and Theft of Property, Papie Mathew Vinton for the crime of Alleged Murder and Lawrence Nagaye for the crime of alleged rape.

This visit of the Legal Section was highly welcomed by the convicted officers and pre-trial detainees who praised the head of the Legal section and delegation of the LNP for their farsightedness in reaching out to them to hear their plights.

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