For Negligent Release of Brewerville’s Alleged Murder Suspect; LNP Takes Robust Action; Sends Officers To Court

IGP Col. Patrick T. Sudue

Story written by: Patrolman Henry G. Barkon

In connection to the improper and illegal release of Alusane Jalloh who allegedly murdered 7yrs- old victim Victor Fahnbulleh of the Virginia Community, authorities of the Liberia National Police have taken stringent administrative actions on police officers allegedly involved in the saga.

Speaking on Thursday, September 13, 2018 to the media, LNP’s Spokesman, H. Moses Carter, Sr. named the officers who were affected by the administrative action as: Sergeant Yaekpawolo M. Barquoi-ID#: 0527 of the Crime Services Department with two months, Superintendent Momolu S. Sanyon ID#: 1435 (Patrol Division) one month, Superintendent Kennedy S. Saywon ID#: 1173 (Patrol Division) one month, Superintendent Jefferson M. Blayee ID#: 1042 (Patrol Division) one month, Superintendent Stephen B. Daniel ID#: 0985 (Patrol Division) one month, Inspector Christopher G. Mansuo ID#: 4408 (Patrol Division) one month suspension each.

Others include: Chief Inspector of Police, Thomas B. Jarjay ID#: 0598 (Patrol Division), one month, Inspector Beyea G. Cooper ID#: 0216 (Patrol Division), one month, Inspector Selay Y. Ballah ID#: 0219 (Crime Services Department), two weeks and Inspector Akins G. Kaifa ID#: 3534 (Crime Services Department), two weeks suspension respectively.

Mr. Carter highlighted the indefinite suspension of officers Thomas G. Cheayee, ID#: 5588 (CSD), and Amos N. Neeplay ID#0232 (CSD) for their negligence in the release of the alleged murder suspect, while the head of the Crime Against Person Unit of the Liberia National Police and his deputy in persons of Chief Inspector of Police Abu B. Daramy ID#: 0774 and Corporal Halvin A. Page ID#: 0655 were served warning letters for poor supervision and oversight.

Meanwhile, two officers; namely, Patrol man Amos N. Neeplay, ID # 0232 of the Crime Services Department and Patrol man Thomas G. Cheayee, ID # 5588 of the Crime Services Department have been suspended indefinitely and charged with the crime of Obstructing Government Functions in violation of Chapter 12, Sub-chapter “A” Section 12.3 of the Penal code of Liberia.

The LNP Spokesman at the same time sounded a strong caveat to all officers of the LNP to be very mindful in the discharge of their duties.

“Any officer caught violating the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and the Duty Manual of the LNP will face the full weight of the laws of the Republic” said the Spokesman of the LNP.

He assured the family of the murdered seven year old boy that the LNP will do everything humanly possible to ensure that justice is served in the re-arrest of the escaped suspect, Allusane Jalloh.

Mr. Carter indicated that the LNP is working very hard with its Interpol counterparts, and Joint Security Officers assigned at various entry points of the fifteen political sub-divisions in ensuring that suspect Jalloh is re-arrested.



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