LNP Apprehends Nigerian Pastor For Black Money Making

Amos John Aledare

The Liberia National Police has arrested an acclaimed Nigerian Pastor identified as Amos John Aledare in the Duazon; Roberts field Highway, Margibi County.

On May 25, 2018 at about 14:52 hours, suspect Iledare and John Gbatu, a friend to the Pastor’s son were arrested for being in possession of 3,600 USD, in 50 denominations.

Suspect Amos John Aledare is a Pastor of the Testimony Church of God in the Duazon,Margibi County.

During Police investigation, over 1200 USD fake bank notes were discovered in suspect Amos John Iledare’s residence.

Police probe established that the Pastor, suspect Iledare brought into the country 250.000 USD in the month of February 2018 and has been infusing such counterfeit US dollars into the Liberian markets, something the LNP identified as one of the factors contributing to the high US rate in the country.

In other developments, three allege armed robbers were also arrested in the King Gray Community, Margibi County.

Suspect Richard W. Boandolo 21yrs, the ring leader, Jackson Joe 18 yrs and Junior Kollie 27 yrs were apprehended on May 24, 2018.

The alleged criminals armed with cutlasses; pin-bar and other deadly weapons forcibly entered the building belonging to Shen Tai Inc.

The alleged armed robbers inflicted wounds on two Chinese Nationals identified as Yao Rui Wa and ZhengGuangyun and made away with several properties including:  One black Samsung, One black IPhone, One white Chinese phone, Cash of 3,000 USD, 100,000 LRD and a Save, but the save was retrieved by the LNP.

Meanwhile, the three alleged armed robbers are currently in Police custody undergoing investigation at the Central Police Headquarters.



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