LNP Intensifies Community Policing Outreach

The Liberia National Police Community Policing outreach strategy has restored peace among citizens of Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County. There have been series of mis-reactions between the Vai and Gola tribes over land dispute in Kinjor, Gola-Koneh District, Grand Cape Mount County that was characterized by demonstrations and road blocks.

Kinjor is one of the gold mining areas in Liberia with over 650,000 inhabitants where the Bea Mountain company is currently carrying on mining activities. The two tribes are divided in term of who own the area, and how the concession agreement between the company and the tribal people in the area was done.

The issue of drugs abuse by youths of the area has been one of the contributing factors of series of violence. On April 22, 2018, a high power delegation headed by an astute, instrumental and far sighted Inspector General of Police, Col. Patrick T. Sudue visited the Kinjor Town to find an amicable solution to the problems that have been affecting that part of Grand Cape Mount County.

During the meeting at the Kinjor Town Hall, Col. Sudue told the people of the area to work with the Liberia National Police in the fight against illicit drugs and other criminal activities and see the Police as friend.

He thanked the Community Watch Forum members who have been working closely with the Liberia National Police in the reduction of crimes in Kinjor. He also assured the citizens of Police full protection and respect of their rights and call on the citizens to report any form of Police misconduct to the professional Standards Division of the Liberia National Police.

Commenting on the land dispute and drugs abuse by the youth on the second visit in Kinjor on April 29, 2018, the Police boss in his video presentation on the effects of drugs abuse displayed several video slides illustrating how drugs are dangerous for human consumption and how it treats those that consume it.

He urged them to desist from drugs intake and engage into activities that will improve their living conditions.

On the land dispute, the Police Chief promised the citizens of Kinjor two 18 seated buses to transport them to Monrovia at the Headquarters of the LNP to meet with the requisite Authorities to handle the land aspect of their dispute.

The meetings were well attended by cross sections of citizens of Gola koneh District, Grand Cape Mount County.

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